A selection of current projects


We are currently offering sponsorship opportunities for a TV/web series, co-developed with an experienced US producer/writer, specifically for the Chinese market.

“CHINA WHEELS” is the story of rich young Chinese American sent back to China to discover his roots and real values. Together with a new friend “from the other side of the tracks” and his faithful car, our characters travel across China and become involved in a series of adventures. The show delivers a carefully managed balance of adventure and fun for a young Chinese audience together with some core social values that make it highly appropriate for the Chinese market.

Besides the 24 episodes being developed for TV, the journey across China format of  “CHINA WHEELS” lends itself to extensive consumer involvement and social media exploitation.

“CHINA WHEELS” is currently in development and will be ready for broadcast by end 2013.


"RED BOOK" is the first digital entertainment show that celebrated movie maker John Woo will produce. A nine part, action adventure series from CAA and Dolphin Digital Entertainment, for multi-platform distribution, “RED BOOK” will incorporate much of John Woo's trademark action style and will deliver an entertainment experience for the 18-30 male audience around the world. Woo and his team will deliver a modern  "Film Noir" style show for web, TV phone, laptop and tablet consumption.  The first time that the classic "Film Noir" genre has been exploited across new digital platforms.

“RED BOOK” will go into production in Q2 2013 and be ready for digital distribution in Q4 2013. The show should be of significant interest to all brands wishing to reach a male 18 plus audience.


"SOUTH BEACH" is a stylish, sexy and sophisticated on-line "telenovela" for global distribution, which will be produced and distributed in late 2013. It's another project produced by CAA and Dolphin Digital Entertainment. This first series of SOUTH BEACH will comprise daily ten minute episodes and will run for thirteen weeks.

Centered around the worlds of fashion and contemporary music, ”SOUTH BEACH” will offer extensive opportunities for brands to be both integrated into the show and also to develop branded content to be activated in both on-line and off-line media.

“SOUTH BEACH” will be of interest to beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands wishing to engage a female 15+ audience.


The second series of Hollywood producer Anthony Zuiker's web show "Cybergeddon" will go into production in Summer 2013 for Quarter 4 2013 global distribution on multiple web platforms. There are a variety of ways for brands to partner with this premium digital show, including brand integration, the creation of extensive tailor-made content, co-marketing assets etc. With a realtime dashboard of performance analytics as part of the offer, this is a great example of the new type of premium digital show coming out of Hollywood that offers brands a very strong and guaranteed ROI.


“AUTOBAHN” is a feature film involving high speed car chases and full-on action across a number of Europe countries. The movie will be produced by “Between The Eyes” whose latest film “Welcome To The Punch” is receiving great critical acclaim. “AUTOBAHN” will feature well known international talent, luxury sports cars and will appeal to an international male audience 15+. The film will be shot in Europe in Summer 2013 and will be ready for theatrical release in 2014.  “AUTOBAHN” will be of interest to all automotive and lifestyle brands.


“MODEL LIFE” is a creative partnership for the web between a fashion talent agency, a brand and a digital production company.

Premier Models manage much of the world’s top modelling talent and our partner production company Rockabox, have worked to package this talent with fresh and exciting fashion programming, delivered within “Shutters”, Rockabox’s intuitive and interactive web platform.


“Antalyagrad” is a European (German language) feature film about the annual rivalries between German and Russian tourists on the beaches of Turkey. A comedy, starring  Fedor Bondarchuk and Til Schweiger, “Antalyagrad” will be filmed during Summer 2013 for a 2014 release. The movie will appeal in particular to Russian, German and East European audiences and will be of interest to brands who want to reach a broad family audience in these territories.


A feature film telling the story of a romantic “tug of war” where the dog is stuck in the middle! This project is currently being cast and will go into production in 2013 with a 2014 global cinema release.